My name is Aaron Wannemacher, and blogging is something I’ve considered doing for some time now. I honestly hadn’t done it yet because it can be scary and hard to know where to start, but this is me doing just that. The hardest thing to get past is knowing that other people will be reading and maybe even critiquing my post, but I’ve had to learn to be more confident because I believe I know a lot more about sports than the average fan. That’s not to sound arrogant, but in order to blog I have to believe that I know what I’m talking about here. I grew up a sports fan and have been all my life, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned more and more about my sports of interest. When I have no experience as a blogger I believe there will be a learning curve, and I understand I won’t be perfect right away. The hardest part is starting and at this point I just want to get my thoughts and views out there and not really care what people think. I decided to blog publicly just because I think I have something to offer that has value. I believe that I have unique views that are new and all I really want is a chance to prove it. The main topics I plan to talk about are college football with a focus on Ohio State, and a combination of fantasy and major league baseball. Since it’s currently the middle of football season I will be writing about Ohio State and college football almost exclusively to start. I am looking for ways to connect with anybody reading my blog and to get my name out there. I will always say I will appreciate any feedback I can get, and I’m excited to see what that leads to. My hope is that this is successful, but I’m gonna be honest and hold true to what I think and never change that just so I’m more popular. First and foremost my main concern is being genuine. Anybody reading this, I hope you find what I have to say to be interesting, and who knows, maybe you’ll even learn something!


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